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A Guide to Flying with CBD Oil in Europe

When it comes to travelling with CBD, there are some things you should know to avoid getting into trouble when you reach your intended destination. It’s important to remember that not every country has the same views on CBD oil usage as us, therefore you should take extra care when flying with CBD oil in […]

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The Different Types of CBD, Explained

When it comes to purchasing your first CBD product, you will probably be unfamiliar with the terms encompassing all things CBD. You may notice terms such as “whole plant extract”, “hemp extract”, “full spectrum CBD”, “broad spectrum CBD” and “CBD isolate”, but the big question is, what exactly do they mean? Do they alter the […]

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Does CBD Get You High?

With the popularity of all forms of CBD growing, the stigma that was once attached to it is finally diminishing. While people are getting used to the idea of using CBD to manage different health issues, there are still some who don’t understand what CBD is and the different between medical CBD and illegal drug […]

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